Logo Specification

Bissetii has its own product logo to represent itself. They come with specific dimension and coloring for protecting its identity. Therefore, there is a strict specification for using logo and banner in your content.

Do and Do Not

Here are some do and don’t when using Bissetii’s Logo and Banner.


You are ALLOWED:

  1. To propotionally scale the graphics to meet the requirement size.
  2. To use it for attribution and referencing.



  1. To recolor, to edit, or to cut the logo or banner.
  2. To resize the logo or banner into dispropotions.
  3. Use it to mis-represent or endorse your products without written approval.
  4. To do anything else outside of the allowed list.

Image Sources

Here are the image sources for download (please avoid hotlinking them).

This is the logo used in the banner. Although the image is prepared with the largest size possible, you need to resize it according to your layout design.

Attributes Prepared Values
Width 2048px
Height 2048px
Color 8-bit gamma sRGB
Resolution 300 x 300 ppi
Image WebP Format PNG Format JPEG Format
Square Logo Download Download Download


That’s all for Bissetii’s Logo and banner. If you have any queries, please feel free to raise them at our Issues Section.