Licensing Specification

Although Bissetii is licensed under Apache 2.0, there are license's specification to ensure it always safe to at outbound license. That way, we can keep Bissetii from legal troubles.

Let’s us look at licensing criterias below.

Known Incompatible Licenses

These are the known incompatible inbound licenses that will get rejected:

  1. Proprietary Licenses
  2. GPL Version 2 License and similar Copyleft Licenses
  3. Missing License
  4. Unknown/Undetermined License

Media Files Licensing

Media files such as but not limited to music, audio, speech, voice, video, copyrighting, and images used on Bissetii website publications MUST comply to their original licenses. The files MUST ONLY be used within their licensed jurisdictions:

  1. Creative Common Licenses
  2. Public Domain or CC0

If there is/are person/entity identifiable elements in the image (e.g. human model with clear face, brands, etc.), these documents must be presented alongside the license:

  1. a written, certified, and legally-binded model/location/entity release form for accepted concensus.
  2. a written, ceritifed, and legally-binded privacy notice agreement for human identifable media.


That’s All

That’s all for “Licensing Specification”. If you’re unsure or having doubt, please raise an issue and ASK.