How To Change Changing Theme Color As Hugo Theme

Bissetii actually packs with a varieties of theme colors aside from its bamboo-y green. Switching between them is an easy task since it is more of changing a config switch.

Change Color

To change the color, you need to create a localized main.sass file inside your engine’s assets directory. You can quickly do this using copy-paste method from Bissetii’s theme module.

The file should align where:

Bissetii Theme Module  : <your_engine>/themes/bissetii/assets/css/main.sass
Local Engine           :                 <your_engine>/assets/css/main.sass
assetDir in config.toml:                               assets

Then inside your localized main.sass, set the Sass configuration for $config-color with the codename as such:

$config-color: <codename>

Available Themes Colors

The codenames are available in the Sass Part of Color Component.