Available CSS For Download

Bissetii facilitates compiled CSS for immediate deployments in many of your projects. This is very useful for projects outside using Hugo and Go. After all, Bissetii primarily is also a CSS styling framework.

How to Deploy

Although Bissetii provides a straight-forward ways to access a particular CSS version, there are some important notes you MUST comply before breaking both you and us.

1. Download Your CSS

Browse the menu below and download your desired CSS version.

2. OPTIONAL - Checksum Your Download

Optionally and for security reason, you should always checksum the CSS file with its corresponding SRI value. You can generate the SRI using openSSL software with the following commnad:

$ openssl dgst -<algo> -binary /path/to/file.css | openssl base64 -A

Example, when using sha512 algorithm:

$ openssl dgst -sha512 -binary /path/to/file.css | openssl base64 -A

Then you can compare the generated SRI in the following pattern:


So if we follow the example above, you should get:

sha512-aafbEERdf2234...<very long codes>...abc==

If they are identifical, it means your CSS file is ready for use. Otherwise, you should download again.

Available Versions

This section covers all available versions for downloads offered directly from Bissetii.


Wrapping Up

That’s all about available Bissetii CSS for download. They are quite straight-foward and easy to use. If you have any questions, feel free to raise them in our Issues Section.