Getting Started with Go

Bissetii develops its HTML components compatible with Hugo and Go. Specifically designed for Go, Go developers can easily embed Bissetii's template codes into program. This section guides you on how to get started with Go development.

Factors To Consider

Before using Bissetii in your Go programming language, you must consider the following factors with readiness in mind.

1. Designed Primarily for Go Binary Embedment

Unlike conventional static/ based templating approach, Bissetii starts right off with output binary embedment as the primary approach. This is mainly because Bissetii does not want to break one of Go’s strength: consolidating all dependencies into a single binary.

This also means Go developer can build a reasonably large chunk of binary file as the output.

However, we do provide some API for static/ based templating approach for those who prefers otherwise.

2. No “Template Data Processing”

Bissetii sets out and made it clear that there will be NO data processing inside the HTML template asides filling the data with basic decision making.

This is mainly because of 2 reasons:

  1. You’re using Go Programming Language - DO ALL YOUR DATA PROCESSING before rendering. This includes safety escaping such as HTMLEscape function.
  2. Keeping template HTML, Sassn and Javascript maintenance sane.

3. Go In-Charge of Components' HTML Codes and Template Data Structure

Thanks to the programming paradigm, it’s easier to structure and construct HTML templates in Go. Therefore, Go in Bissetii is in-charge of generating Bissetii’s components HTML codes and structuring the associated template data structure for rendering.

Then, under each component, their individual Go package test codes generate the template layouts for Hugo to use.

That being said, you need be careful when altering any Bissetii’s components/ package.

5. Use Bissetii CI As Development Engine

Bissetii structured its development jobs using .scripts/ BASH script. This includes generating templates for Hugo, generating Go packages' documentatons, testing, and benchmarking all Bissetii packages. They are all arranged in a jobs pipeline manner.

That also means Bissetii is always readily available for continuous improvements in a decentralized, tested consistently, large scale manner.

Install Dependencies

For using Bissetii in Go, no additional dependencies are required. All packages are coded in the native Go packaging system which is fully compatible with Go module.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what to do with Bissetii in Go Programming Language, please feel free to explore its Go packages starting from its main package here: