Package nav

import ""

Package nav is for facilitating common nav component across its variants.

The HTML template codes are written in Go’s string format under the corresponding group. This allows one to embed the HTML codes instead of parsing it from file.


All Bissetii Compressed Compiled CSS

const (
	CSSAMP          = ``

	CSSCritical     = ``

	CSSTablet       = ``

	CSSDesktop      = ``

	CSSWidescreen   = ``

	CSSPrint        = ``

	CSSVariables    = ``

	CSSVariablesAMP = ``


type Item struct {
	// Class is the CSS class attributes for the list item <li>.
	Class string

	// HTML is the HTML body content for the particular list item.
	// DO NOT use it to build sub-list. That belongs to Items.
	HTML string

	// ID is the ID tag for Nav item.
	ID string

	// Items is for housing list recursively (sub-list).
	// If Items is not nil, HTML will be used as title of the sub-list.
	Items []*Item

	// Style is the inline CSS style attribute for the list item <li>.
	Style string

	// UID is the unique ID tag for identification when used as sub-list.
	// Use shasum/random values if needed.
	UID string

Item is the item data for the list.