Form - All Inputs Component

Form - All Inputs are all Bissetii supported input fields. Despite as simple as it sounds, there are a lot of complicated guides and tutorials all over the Internet. Bissetii did a number of researches on its own and decided to only provide styling for proper HTML5 semantic syntax defined by

Bissetii supports a large number of input types made available via HTML5 seamlessly. Each type has its own validation pattern and Bissetii’s recomemnded HTML code structure.

To keep communications sharp and percise, All the sample codes here will only be the <input> syntax without any fancy grouping or layout.

Here are all the Bissetii supported input types:

Checkbox Thumbnail


Multiple selection from multiple choices.

Color Thumbnail


Collecting color sample in hexadecimal format.

Date Thumbnail


Select a complete date from a single input.

Datetime Local Thumbnail

Datetime Local

Select a complete date and time in a single input.

Email Thumbnail


Gather email address from a single input.

Month Thumbnail


Selecting month and year from a single input.

Password Thumbnail


Providing a password from an input.

Radio Thumbnail


Selecting a choice from multiple options.

Search Thumbnail

Provides a search pharse from a single input.

Select Thumbnail


Select a choice from dropdown menu.

Submit Thumbnail


Provides a trigger input for form submission.

Telephone Thumbnail


Provides a phone number from an input.

Textarea Thumbnail


Provide a large amount of text from an input.


That’s all about Form - All Inputs component in Bissetii. If you need more feature or need to report a bug, please feel free to file an issue at our Issue Section.