Footer Component

The footer component is the last body content appearing across all pages in a website. Bissetii uses the W3C hirarchy standard footer tag. This allows seamless styling when applying to compatible HTML codes.

This component is available starting from v1.11.0.

Sass Styling Parts

The Sass styling script for Footer component is located in:


By default, it shares the same styling as Main component.

Javascript Parts

This component does not depend on any Javascript.

HTML Parts

Bissetii renders this component using the native <footer> HTML tag. Here is the syntax example:

	<hr class="border" />
	<p>All Rights Reserved</p>

This will render differently depending on the screen size:

  1. For mobile and tablet, the footer fits in as it is.
  2. For desktop and beyond, the footer will have 2 thick left and right border to shrink the content page into an A4 paper looks.

Here is a rendered example (depending on your browser size):

All Rights Reserved

Horizontal Line Separator

Starting from version v1.12.0, the horizontal line (<hr class="border" />) is required to be added into the first child of <footer>. This line acts as an optional separator between the <main> content and the <footer> content.

The horizontal line must have a class tag named border as shown above.