Divider Component

Bissetii provides the Divider component as per HTML spec seamlessly. Although Bissetii sections each of the contents via headers automatically, there are some use cases where a manual horizontal divider bar will be best used.

This component is available starting from v1.11.0.


Hugo supports Divider seamlessly so no special development is required.


Coming Soon.


Bissetii supports Divider component seamlessly across multiple output formats. Additionally, starting from version v1.13.0, the use of CSS variable is vital for its upgrade from v1.12.5.

Bissetii HTML codes for this component are the same for Vanilla HTML5 and AMPHTML.

An example HTML pattern Bissetii recommends would be:


This will render as:


Bissetii provided a list of CSS variables dedicated for divider styling alteration without needing to recompile Sass. These variables are best applied directly to the HTML tags. Example:

<hr style="--divider-margin: 10rem 0;" />


Set the divider overflow behavior. The acceptable value shall be compatible with overflow: CSS field. The default is visible.


Set the margin spacing of the divider. The acceptable value shall be compatible with margin: CSS field. The default is 5.0rem 0.


Set the behavior for page break inside the divider. The acceptable value shall be compatible with break-inside: CSS field. The default is avoid.


This component does not rely on any Javascript.


Depending on release version, the Sass files work differently. Bissetii does not package Sass codes explictly so please view them via the git repository.

v1.13.0 and Above

Bissetii uses Dart Sass to compile the styling Sass codes into CSS file. This component’s Sass codes are available at the following location:


v1.12.5 and Before

The Sass scripts responsible for styling the component are located in:



Here are the researches done to ensure Divider component meets the necessary quality assurances:



That’s all about Divider component in Bissetii. If you need more feature or need to report a bug, please feel free to file an issue at our Issue Section.