Definitions List Component

Definitions list is the component that defines a list of items. This is commonly used for arconym definitions and quick name-value labelling. Bissetii supportes Definitions List seemlessly with W3C <dl>, <dt>, and <dd> tags out of the box.

This component is available starting from v1.11.0.

Sass Styling Parts

The Sass styling script responsible for styling definition list is located at:


It styles the list into a default dictionary/acronym defintion template.

Javascript Parts

This component does not depend on any Javascript.

HTML Parts

Bissetii facilitates multiple <dd> definition list. One example would be:

	<dd>The core of our solar system.</dd>
	<dd>Primary source of energy.</dd>
	<dd>Super hot.</dd>

	<dd>FIRST planet away from Sun.</dd>

	<dd>SECOND planet away from Sun.</dd>

	<dd>THIRD planet away from the Sun.</dd>

This will render as:

The core of our solar system.
Primary source of energy.
Super hot.
FIRST planet away from Sun.
SECOND planet away from Sun.
THIRD planet away from the Sun.