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Bissetii is an "All-in-One" Hugo Theme and Go Template Module for static website content creation and quick web application development. It is designed with minimalist direction and keeping things simple and nice to use.

Why Choose Bissetii

Here are some of the great reasons to choose Bissetii Hugo Theme and Go Template Module.

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Open Source License

Licensed under the Open Source Apache 2.0 License, Bissetii is FREE as in freedom and free beer for both personal and commercial.

Bissetii is Stylish Rapid Prototyping Tool

Stylish Rapid Prototyping

Bissetii is a bootstrapping tool not just to make things work but also styles it with simple minimalist styling == save times and look awesome.

Bissetii is W3C Hirarchy Syntax Friendly

W3C Syntax Friendly

Bissetii uses W3C hirarchy syntaxes to ensure the vanilla HTML works seemlessly == Say NO to abusing div tag.

Bissetii has Minimum to No Javascript

Minimal to No Javascript

Bissetii only works on styling HTML and CSS == Freedom to explore Javascript without conflicts.

Bissetii has Seamless AMP Integration

Seamless AMP

Since Accelerated Mobile Pages is vital in 2020 era, Bissetii made its HTML codes seamlessly portable for AMP HTML.

Bissetii has Supported Integrated

Bissetii supports data structure seamlessly == better page crawling and content structuring.

Bissetii has Printer Styled and Ready

Printer Ready

Bissetii styles printing for better output on the printed paper == less worry for paper or PDF printing.

Core Features

From time to time, Bissetii identified and executed a wide varieties of features implementations for better use in the future. Here are some of our recognizable features implemented across Bissetii versions.

NameStatusStarting Version
Mobile-first Design✅Completedv1.0.0
Sass-Driven Styling✅Completedv1.0.0
Social Network Open Graph Supoort✅Completedv1.0.0
Css-Only Styling Direction✅Completedv1.0.0
Integrate Milligram✅Completedv1.0.0
Removed Snapcraft Supports✅Completedv1.9.0
RenderHTML Shortcodes✅Completedv1.9.0
PayPalME Shortcodes✅Completedv1.9.0
Support Emoji Rendering✅Completedv1.9.0
Support Code Syntax Highlighting✅Completedv1.9.0
Support DEB Server Release✅Completedv1.9.0
Support repo-docs File Structure✅Completedv1.10.0
Documents All HTML Components✅Completedv1.11.0
Integrate Badges with Shortcode✅Completedv1.11.0
Support Definition List:<dl>✅Completedv1.11.0
Support Custom 404.html for Hugo✅Completedv1.11.0
Support Print Rendering✅Completedv1.11.0
Support Sass Config-Driven Design✅Completedv1.11.0
Support SEO Robots Handling✅Completedv1.12.0
Integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages✅Completedv1.12.0
Integrate Google Analytics✅Completedv1.12.0
Facilitate Social Media Sharing Outlook Management✅Completedv1.12.0
Single SHELL Script Automated Setup✅Completedv1.12.0
Support Card Component✅Completedv1.12.1
Support <iframe> Component✅Completedv1.12.1
Support Carousel Component✅Completedv1.12.1
Support Note Component✅Completedv1.12.1
Decentralized CI Development✅Completedv1.12.4
Non-Extended Hugo Support✅Completedv1.12.4
Dart Sass Compilation✅Completedv1.12.4
Thumbnail Page Listing✅Completedv1.12.4
CDN Facilitated CSS Files✅Completedv1.13.0
Integrate PWA📅Working
Integrate Go Template Module📅Working
Support Cookie Notices📅Working
Support RPM Server Release📅Working
Documents How-to use Bissetii for hosting DEB Server💡ideaN/A

For latest information, please check out the Issues board at:

Powered by Simple Tools

Bissetii is powered by many simple tools integrated together in order to produce great results. Here are some of the core technologies:


Quality Assured Via Continuous Integrations

To ensure that our customers are getting updates in an incremental and stable way, Bissetii uses GitLab CI technologies to manage its quality assurance from release to even developer experimentation stage.

Feel free to check out their current status here:

BranchTest StatusTest Coverage
masterMaster Pipeline StatusMaster Coverage Report
stagingStaging Pipeline StatusStaging Coverage Report
nextNext Pipeline StatusNext Coverage Report

To find Bissetii source codes, it is available at the following repositories:



Bissetii is not just a single person work but a culmulative of large amount of knowledge and wisdom. Here are some of the critical contributors for making Bissetii a success.


Here are the maintainers who manage Bissetii’s code releases and its health.

  1. (Holloway) Chew, Kean Ho ([email protected]) - 2019 to present


Here are the developers who works tirelessly to enable and keeping Bissetii up-to-date.

  1. (Holloway) Chew, Kean Ho ([email protected]) - 2019 to present

Knowledge Experts

Here are the knowledge experts contributed insights and wisdom for Bissetii to be successful.

  1. Milligram Project - 2019
  2. CSS Tricks - 2019
  3. Sass - 2019
  4. AMP - 2020
  5. - 2020
  6. Jonathan Snook’s Rem Unit - 2021


Here are the sponsors that provide financial supports to enable Bissetii team to continue keeping Bissetii alive:

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Johnson Lam

Founder of Malaysian KakiDIY: A Reduce, Reuse Recycle Community. He is passionate about making the planet a better place for the future.

ZORALab Enterprise

ZORALab Enterprise

A Malaysian software technology power house focuses on solving business problems via software controls and solutions.

Where to Go Next?

Interested to use Bissetii for your next project? Feel free to:

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